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    Star fox arwing build (Satchmo III)

    ENTRY #07: CARDBOARD TWEAKING AND PLASTIC PRINTING It's a good thing I'm not in a very big rush because this build seems to be stuck in all-range mode (aka...slow). I've been working at it one day a week (usually Sunday) but I'm hoping to start putting in some more time during the week. The...
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    Unfolding software

    I think the old-timey town was Bonnie Springs. I thought that looked interesting but when I passed it I was on a bicycle and was tired and getting in there looked easy because you go down a hill but at the time I had semi-serious reservations that I wouldn’t be able to climb back out if I went...
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    Star fox arwing build (Satchmo III)

    ENTRY #06: HOT-GLUING CONTINUED Today I glued the second g-diffuser/wing set and temporarily glued both sets to the fuselage. NEXT STEPS: Tweak the cardboard and seal it.
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    Model portfolio (Satchmo III)

    UNFOLD UPDATE (INFINITE E318 HELMET)... By way of an anti-pernicious act by PerniciousDuke, an unfold for the Halo Infinite E318 trailer helmet has been uploaded below and at the beginning of the thread. I wonder if John will finish the current predicament in which he finds himself. Halo...
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    Unfold tutorial (Satchmo III)

    Thanks PerniciousDuke for the unfold! I appreciate your time and effort. I've removed the E318 helmet from the needs unfolding list.
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    Star fox arwing build (Satchmo III)

    ENTRY #05: HOT-GLUING A pretty good day's worth of work today replacing temporary tape with permanent hot-glue starting with the fuselage (I got through the first g-diffuser/wing set). As I assemble, some of the cardboard pieces get beveled so they fit together tighter. I've also glued in...
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    Unfolding software

    I don’t know where you’re coming from but you might want to bring a fleece or’s been chilly here (30deg in the morning and getting into the 50’s during the day). I moved from Minnesota to Las Vegas last November. NV cold is no where near MN cold but it’s still a bit cool. If you...
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    Unfolding software

    Thanks for sharing those papers papfo. I'll definitely be giving them a look-through. They look pretty formal...I had no idea people were studying these kinds of things (it's awesome). I've only briefly played with decimation in blender, I don't think it's effective for simplifying geometry for...
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    whereisdanielle's Foam SPI Build

    Thanks whereisdanielle for sharing your stream. I put it on while I worked on building a cardboard arwing this weekend and it was great motivation. I usually watch a movie or listen to music/podcasts while working but I could see how having an active dialogue with others could keep your mind...
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    Star fox arwing build (Satchmo III)

    ENTRY #04: TEST ASSEMBLY CONTINUED A couple days back I cut out the cardboard wings and taped one together. I was able to slip it through the first g-diffuser. Yesterday I taped together the second g-diffuser and wing and cut the cardboard for and assembled the simple cockpit screen and...
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    Deployment now open

    Rinzlerr, that picture totally resonates with me. Good times, excellent times.
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    Shift Into Turbo! A Power Ranger/Carranger Log (Red Racer)

    You know, when scaling I’ve never considered changing the pivot point to the 3D cursor (or anything other than the active element). I’m pretty excited to try this out next time I’m in blender, and see if I like your process for creating thickness more than the solidly modifier. Thanks for sharing!
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    Halo Legends: Spartan Daisy-023

    I think nuggets of modeling info in a build thread are okay but since the modeling process is a bit of a specialized operation it might be good for you to keep track of those nuggets and expand upon them in a dedicated thread or tutorial. That way there’d be a collection of your thoughts and...
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    Unfolding software

    For putting together paper you do not want to score (aka fold) every line. The smooth paper model is achieved by ignoring fold lines between polygons that share an angle of about 160 or 165 degrees or higher. Any lower of an angle needs to be folded elsewise shape gets screwy. I think the slider...
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    UNSC Ship and vehicle models and scaling...

    I usually have to take a minute or three when thinking about scaling. Cross multiplication is another one you could google. When trying to scale to a restricted box you should first work with the largest dimension of the thing you’re trying to scale down (I see you’ve got this but just wanted to...