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  • Hey guys, Good to be back after over a year! Course, its kinda hard to log in when you forget your password. Im glad to say that my Chest surgury went well and i am now in the painful physical recovery stage.
    Also, I am proud to say that i am working on a new project!
    Compressed-Air airsoft machin gun in the form of a Halo turrent.
    "thanks for all the quick responses guys.
    Now for sum bad news. I just found out that a chest operation i was supposed too have in july has had too been moved to June. So i wont really be able to complete the build before then.
    However, i still plan on getting the basic design work done. So if push comes too shove, are one of yall willing too try to pick up where i left off or are yall okay with waiting until im able to work on it again(It would take about 7 months for me to recover)"

    had too brek some bad news too the guys following my Hunter project today. :(
    but life happens.
    Thanks! Good luck with your Hunter project. It sounds very interesting. Can't wait to see some progress reports on it.

    thanks man =D there was a guy here on the 405th and his username was noble eight i think, but he made avatars for everyone that wanted one and he made them for free but i don't know when, he got banned a while ago and i just thought that it was only a week long ban but it was a permanent ban so no one else that i know makes avatars here on the 405th sadly =( but thanks =D
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