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    Skullatoran Odst Help

    Hello people of 405th, I have a big favor to ask, I've been trying to get the last Vidmaster achievement Endure for ODST, and I can't manage. If you can help, please reply, send me a PM, or Send me a message on Live, GT is Skullatoran. Please help, would mean the world to me if I got Recon.
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    Pepakura Help :p

    Hey guys, I have a couple of questions. First off, can somebody post a file of Master chief's thighs (full thing). And Second What size did you guys use for the Master chief Handplates, cause the pepakura I'm using only uses hieght for measurement... P.S These files should be the master Chief...
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    I Need Help With Pepakura

    Thanks Everyone for helping, I got the helment to the right size, I'll try to post pics
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    My First Mark Vi Armor W.i.p.

    What size did you do for the handplates?
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    Joeycoz's Armor Progress

    By the way, What Pepakura File did u use for the legs? I have one but it doesn't make the whole thing, Please leave the file somewhere in this forum, For both legs
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    Joeycoz's Armor Progress

    What Size did you do for the head, I've been having Pepakura Troubles, and can't make it fit mine, My Head is 22.5 cm tall, and when I convert it to Milimeters IT'S WAY TOO SMALL... HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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    I Need Help With Pepakura

    Hey guys, I know you can help me with this question. I have Pepakura Designer 3 and I can't Size the helment right. I need help because its in milimeters, and I Measured in centimenters, I got 26cm, or something around that, and I can't put it in milimeters, I thought you multiply the...
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    I Am Making My First Suit Of Armor... I Need Help!

    Ok, thanks :) Mabye I could find someone on Craigslist to help
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    I Am Making My First Suit Of Armor... I Need Help!

    I need help making my master chief armor. I am horrible at Pepakura, and I don't know what to do when it's pepped... HELP ME!!!