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    Actually a model helmet can be fitted for Airsoft games, but it takes work. I did some research on this before and actualy made a helmet intended for airsoft games. First I experimented with hot glue and epoxy, with support and with out support of the fabric. Rsults are here As you can...
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    Fallout Armor Pep Files + References

    Thank you. The link, works, now I am gonna start on the helmet.
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    Fallout Armor Pep Files + References

    I am new here and would like to start a build on T51-b helmet, unfortunatly all the links so far to the 4shared storage, seem to be not working anymore. Can anybody provide Pepakura file for the t51-b helmet?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Mihhail Gottovcev Age: 26 Profession: Idustrial electronics engineer Favorite Hobbys: Airsoft, LARP, building stuff. Favorite Video Game: Fallout all of them Favorite Food: Grilled chicken Favorite Band: Kish (It is spelled corectly not the KISS band) Favorite Movie: Mad Max...