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  • alright thanks again man I really appreciate it. Good luck with your armor man I can't wait to see it finished.
    sorry for replying a bit late I was at my friends but i'm making the same thing as well. i'm making ODST armor and I decided to give it a bit of a jungle camo color scheme to it. btw thank you so much for the advice I really needed it.
    haha wow the program u use is the one that didnt work but i downloaded it again and now its all mine lol thnx again
    hey thnx man the program i was using never did anything besides open the document and show a slide but never printed for me. lol
    Lol! I used a great site: cosplay size calculator. It is very easy and very usefull.
    You can download it here and the tuto is here
    good luck for your armor! What do you want to make?
    hey i'm also new to armor making and i'm working on the helmet right now but its not at the right size. I've looked at all the sticky's and none of them help me with scaling the helmet. Can you tell me how you scaled it because I really need some help on it and i've gone through 100 pages of cardstock trying to get it right lol.
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