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  • HAPPY BRITHDAY BUDDY !! Hope your having a great day and maybe catch you on reach later
    And I'm not sure if you recieved my previous PM or not. Make sure you check your settings so you can recieve PM's, and clean out your inbox. It says your inbox is full when I try to PM you, so either it is full or your PM's are turned off (You have to turn them on manually because of what happened to the old forum)
    Sorry for the message, but I have a little line building up for the ODST shoulders and I need to know if you can buy ASAP. I'm doing this on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it's only fair that I recieve an answer from you before moving on to another person.

    Let me know if you can buy ASAP.

    hey just signed up care to tell me where to find the schematics?
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Sep 5, 1993 (Age: 30)


""Spartan-116 reporting for duty, sir."

Spartan-116 was my Spartan's ID when Halo CE first came out for the Xbox & PC. I am the original Spartan-116. :)