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    Sorry, yes I did. Was a little tied up with work related issues. I feel that your terms are acceptable. I will now have to set up a paypal account for transactions. I think that I'll have to start with the bottom and work up. I'll need to know your best method to measure for scaling correctly. And compensating for future padding. Once I've set up the acount and measured I can PayPal the money to you and your work
    Hey thx for the help with the scaling Im new to the whole pepakura thing:p but im gitting useto it... i hope.
    Sup Xtreme! Sorry about my inbox, I'll clean it out. I found out that I'm not able to purchase one at the time being. I'm sorry if I wasted your time. Thanks for getting back to me!
    Hey Xtreme, thx for the scaling tutorial. im making the weta ODST armor and have a bit questions i just mailed you and thx for your time im very thanksfull for the tutorial, dude you rock :D
    Hey Xtreme i was wondering if its ok if i use some of the ideas in ur SOCOM thread for my new marine armor that i'm making?
    Hey there Xtreme, I've got a question. I'm building the HD halo AR by Roadwarrior and was wondering if I need to scale the model before printing. I haven't built a gun yet so I was just curious and don't want to screw up before I print out the 30+ pages haha
    Hey Xtreme, could you help me out, I am making a Mark VI suit, made by ROBOGENESIS, its the low def, Now the scaling is killing me! I have tried multiple methods, but dont seem to have much luck, its discourgaing, could you help me find the proper percentage to scale the pieces? I am 6' 4" and have a tall slender body type, my brother is making one with me to and he is 6' 6", and same body type, skinny slender, not big heads fits our body type, just tall skinny dudes, think you could please help me out??
    Hmm.... I wonder if there's any way to import the picture into pep to scale it.... Or I could just use a sliced file, as it would have the same results...
    I'm sorry to disturb you once more, what do you mean by "The finished blueprint you have drawn"?
    Does that mean you have to draw the blueprint? And how do you print out the scaled BR?
    I searched wizardofflight blueprints and I didn't find them, and thank you for the tutorial on how to make a battle rifle and the location of the blueprints.
    Oh and by any chance, do you know of anyone who has blueprints of the M6B, the one in Halo Reach, and the DMR?
    I think Spase has the DMR blueprints, but I'm not sure.... I'll go search
    Hey, about the BR tutorial too, can you make it out of posterboard or wood? I personally dont like to work with cardboard, it's to hard to precisely cut with an exacto. And about the blueprints, the link doesn't work....
    About the Battle Rifle Tutorial...

    can you make a video of how to make it? im to lazy to go through words XP
    Hiya! I think i'm your new student! =p hooray i got someone good! I'm excited for my first day of "school" lol! Thanks a ton! =)

    Here's my email ataiyo17@gmail.com

    woooooo fan expo..... not sure if ill wear an iron man suit or my biker scout suit for the 501st .... either way ill be there :) great white north eh? gotta love our beer :p no water in there
    Hey man, great to meet another member of the "great white north" :p
    looking forward to seeing you and Miky at FanExpo this August
    Im at work but i'll try to pop on via remote desktop to try to attend. I'll be on and off with out notice as my time permits.
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I'm a proud member of the Canadian Forces who just enjoys dressing up as a soldier on my spare time.

Airsoft, Paintball, Halo (in general), Playing guitar, Building props and costumes
June 14
Kestrel Studios, Canadian Armed Forces


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