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  • I'm doing a pilot helmet too with a black visor.It was the same color as yours, but I couldn't see out of it, how did you do yours? how many layers?
    Hey there, just wandering what brand of mirror chrome spray paint you used. BTW absolutely amazing job on the H4 armor. Keep up the great work!
    Phenomenal work on the H4 build! What color did you use to spray the armor? My helmet is a mossy green, but I prefer yours.

    Also can you see out of the visor with the chrome spray applied? What chrome spray did you use?

    hey man kool helmet!!!!!!!! wow i wish i could make my pilot helm as kool!! im pepping right now, but my helmets shape is warpped, but i havnt put on all the pieces yet, and my visor slided a bit away from edge of base helmet, can i still continue??? or is it best to restart??????(in the pepping i got done all the visor, back part of helm, the upper sides, and a few other unnattached pieces) a appreciate any advice
    yea Harnors unfold that he linked on the last page of my thread is alot easier you just have to scale it up a bit and rearrange the parts.
    the reason Im not gonna finish it anytime soon is because my GF sat on it :( I started on harnors unfold which is 900 times easier, but the original halo fo 'fosho helmet is in pretty bad shape...fosho
    I'm prob not gonna finish the h4 anytime soon. I'm workin on a hazop lid right now and some non foam reach gear for the practice
    hey man, do you know how to scale helmet attachments like the one that Noble 6 has or the one on the haunted helmet both the one on top of the helmet and the one on the side? just wondering because i need help with that
    hey man, i love your pilot helmet man, would you cinsider making a vaccum form pilot helmet visor for me? i don't have any money so i can't buy the stuff to do it and i can't even buy more bondo so just plz think and plus i live in the US
    Paint the armor with a base coat ofyellow. spray silver on a paint brush and brush away. then what i did was sprayed a clear coat on it - whitch is not a nessesity, but it makes the foam armor harder. then you spray on the black onto a DIFFRENT BRUSH then brush away!
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