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  • hey sentient, would you mind sending me the clay carmine model you used, ive looked for days but cant find anything, i see it, but cant download it. if you have it send it to willyiswilfred2@gmail.com, thanks a ton!
    Odsts? Mang I've already done that lol. I was thinking of something like a halo 4 suit! But that would be a tough project
    Lol I have no idea how to do that. I'm not really good with pepikura. We need to get together to do a team build!
    Ah lol. But isn't that pep. Smaller then the one that was sat on? I was working on the same one that u worked on previously. Butifit is easier, I need to give it a go!
    Nice, nice. I was planning on making a halo 4 helmet, but I can't seem to get it started. If your not planning on finishing it in the long run, maybe I could give you some compensation for the work you have already done, and take that half done pep off your hands. I could meet you and then we could possibly do a team build!
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