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    War Machine Armor

    Thanks JUICE, that's perfect! Looks like I've got a spot of fixing to take care of. Have fun with that housebuilding, don't forget to resin the walls of the new cardstock house before you put the roof on!
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    War Machine Armor

    Would anybody be able to post a picture of how the JUICE chestpiece and back piece fit together under the arm? I'm just gonna chalk up my inability to do simple things to superglue fumes. Yeahhh...that's it.... the fumes
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    Would Anybody Happen To Have..

    Volpin props made a stellar Force-a-Nature, and he does a pretty good job of detailing how he did it, plenty of pictures. I know it isn't the Scattergun you are looking for, but the two are very similar, and I'm sure that similar construction practices could be used...
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    War Machine Armor

    Agreed on the forearms needing to be a bit bigger, that's at the normal 1.9 scale eh? Also, that mannequin-esque thing, while it seems like it'd be immensely helpful, is absolutely terrifying!. It's like Rhodey the headless war machine is coming FOR REVENGE!