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  • Cool! I am using Tamasoft designer and I am having to guess the scaling in metric but like I said I am basically guessing. I wish I knew how to get more precise on scaling to try to get a better fit to my frame. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can send my way.
    It is awesome that you got to play in the NFL. Thats every football players dream. You had to be good at it too because so few people make it to that level. I won't hit you up for autographs but it won't hurt my feelings to get one some day. LOL. My youngest son is a Tampa Bay fan.
    Thanks for responding so quickly. It is nice to meet new friends on the 405th.
    Cool ! So you need help scaling ? If you are having trouble scaling , happy tell you how I go about it .
    Yeah played O-line for a few years, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and the Seahawks….the only thing I miss was the super human strength
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I have spent most of my life in the military but family comes first.

Weapons, shooting, movies, gaming, future prop maker.
August 18
East Tennessee
Nuclear fuel tech. for the U.S. Navy