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    Need help with Xbox live

    I just asked: Mom, can we make an Xbox Live clan? Mom: No. me: DAMN! Very suttle response
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    Need help with Xbox live

    Yes, But how can i convince her to let me do so?
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    Need help with Xbox live

    My mom won't let me set up a clan for Xbox live. She says it will get out of hand. She knows me and my bro get outta hand sometimes, but.... How can i convince her to let us set up/ advertise a clan?
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    Runescape players? Tell me somin.....

    I play runescape... my user is: Twin Aces526. I mostly mine iron and smelt it, then sell it for alot... 51 iron bars = 10k
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    MY new clan-GRAW 2

    YEAH, GRAW 2 is boring to you, yes. But have you ever thought that you just MAYBE mastered and then you say its boring? PLease man, dont ruin it for K-22 and I
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    THE N.S.I.

    IM BACK BABY! N.S.I is pretty cool.....
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    Little Help with the Boards

    if anything else happens, ask for Adam. he is the "big cheese' around here (moderator) enjoy your stay here at 405th forums :D from: +Spartan-K22 :thumbsup:
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    Post your christmas ideas here!

    ROFL! do you mean 'eat your armor or eat christmas-y things
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    Post your christmas ideas here!

    This is all great stuff you guys, i've been wondering, it takes alot more time than i thought it would cutting and folding. What do i want 4 christmas? Xbox 360 Pro Camera Halo 2/3 Helmet Mold Extra Stuff!
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    Why PM? It's so i dont get you confused 4 some 1 else...
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    My helmet progress

    YO, Durlaburban, yur probably gonna have to make mine... (Ms. D said it might not work out for visor ... :( But yur my (sorta) only hope man... See ay at skool TwinAces
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    ok, am i correct on this? first, fold and create 3d pep model then, resin it to harden it. then paint it. then put visor in. PLZ PM me with correct results!
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    My Pep Helmet!!!!!

    wow awesome tut man! great helm, and all you need to do now is to put in visor !
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    Is someone here able to personally help me with making my helmet (Mark VI) Verbally, or a tut in message) thank you! MS me!
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    Post your christmas ideas here!

    Post whatever christmas ideas you can think of ranging from armor decorations to odd christmas wishes and lists! TwinAces! Woo Hoo!