Need help with Xbox live


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My mom won't let me set up a clan for Xbox live. She says it will get out of hand.

She knows me and my bro get outta hand sometimes, but....

How can i convince her to let us set up/ advertise a clan?


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Clans dont work too good unless you play a game where you host a server, like a PC game, otherwise, you're just a group of people who know each other and use the same tags.


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Crossfire said:
How can it get out of hand.
Its only the internet. Unless you have clan meetings in real life.
Yes, But how can i convince her to let me do so?
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TwinAces said:
Yes, But how can i convince her to let me do so?
You can get a free forum. like invision free, or proboards. no need to buy anything
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Spartan-K22 said:
I talkted to my mom. She said we couldn't make one no matter what.

I'm just going to join my friend's clan.
LOL some peoples moms. She gives you permission to play halo, but not permission to use a feature in Xbox live, which by the way, amps up resons halo is rated m. A bunch of megatarrds cussing you out and resorting to 'your mom jokes', but she wont let you organize a clan with
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Sean Bradley

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Why did your Mom need to give permission to set up a clan? It's like a part of the game, and if she already allows you to play the game then whats the sense in not allowing a certain feature of it?

I'd be like saying Yes you can play the Orange Box, but don't play Team Fortress..

Sounds like mom doesn't really approve in general, but has made some compromises... maybe this is just the last thing she's holding onto.

Spartan 270

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Ok heres an idea my bro and I used to compromise with our mom. Make/ type up a contract or something like that and all of you sign it. Thats what my bro and I did and it worked.


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The fact your meeting people you dont know, may be older than you, and talk to them scares your mom, I dont blame her, now adays tons of kids get into trouble when meeting new "friends" online.

But ingame I doubt much would happen, it's not like the clan members would come visit you at your home.


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redragon74 said:
maybe i missed it but...what did you tell your mom exactly that "this clan" was for/about/doing/meeting etc?
I just asked: Mom, can we make an Xbox Live clan?

Mom: No.

me: DAMN!

Very suttle response
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its people on your freinds list BUT your clan plays through gamebattle and has matches set up through it

i forget how it all plays out but my clan for r6vegas was number 2 last year works real well
oh...i have to sign up....

oh well.

i talked to my gamer friend who lives in Tennessee, he said just to
play solo until somone says im good. then we be in the same clan!
why would you ask your mom if you can set up a clan? Why don't you just set up your clan, all your doing is putting tags in your name, this is a non-issue in my opinion.