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  • Since i wasn't the one that did that part of making the templates I am gonna just have to do a educated guess here.... I believe they were done that way so that you could tape them together and them place them on the foam mat. you would have to angle the pieces as you build the parts.. When I pressed print they appear to be set of U.S. Letter format. I also believe they are done in 4 parts so that they get close to the correct size...
    I'm having a question regarding the templates you've made for the helghast capture trooper.

    First things first maybe: How do I aply the templates on foam? I mean the parts are in 3D but the template is in 2D. It's its easy to figure out with pep beacuse you can bend but what about foam?
    I'm sorry for such a noobish question.

    Second when I open the PDF the template are spread across 4 sheets. was this intended? and lastly were these templates made for A4 or sheet (armerican standard?)?

    Thanks ain advance and thanks for your time
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