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    Destiny Custom Warlock Helmet

    looking good, cant wait to see it done, I'm also working on the same helmet trying to get it done before the release
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    Pepakura Requests

    Re: 3D Model Requests Item Name: Helmet from Fallen Captain Item Source: From the game "Destiny" by bungie Reference Images: Additional Info: N/A Existing File Link
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    ODST build

    Thanks guys, yeah its been a very slow process but I made it :) Here are some pictures of the rocket launcher and some from GAAM last night. Me and my buddy Travis won 1st place in the Co-op contest! on another note, there was a bit of a problem...... my wife dropped my helmet and...
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    ODST build

    sorry for the double post but here is something I have been working on. I have a con tomorrow GAAM and I needed a weapon so I threw something together really quick its not done but it should be by tomorrow. Also I have never built a weapon before so let me know what you think.
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    First Build - ODST pep helmet. (Pics)

    looking good man, keep up the good work.
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    ODST build

    Thanks for all of the support guys, I can finally say I am happy with how it turned out. I have a con next week and I am ready to go. My wife took some pictures of me and silvermarenwolf in our armors yesterday. Here is my wife's tumblr for some credit I am...
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    Spartan Selfies!

    Greetings from Jacksonville Fl.
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    Is Costuming your Therapy?

    My costuming is my get away. I love coming home from a long day at work and just going out to my shed, grabbing a cold one and just getting to work. I guess when my mind is busy on doing something I really love then it makes everything else not seem like such a big deal. Its my time away from...
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    ODST build

    well im 99% done, just need to buy undersuit and install fans inside the helmet. I might later on in the future make a helmet attachment but here it is for now, ENJOY! \
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    Runescape Build Thread

    sweetness man, cant wait to see this done, I currently play myself :)
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    MJOLNIR GEN 2/S Variant - Commander Palmer

    Man that looks awesome! Really nice for your first halo build, can't wait to see more photos and upgrades :)
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    First Build: Reach Operator Helmet

    Thanks for the link
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    First Build: Reach Operator Helmet

    DUDE that commando helmet turned out amazing! Mind linking the file where you got it from?
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    Halo 4 Spartan Build-First Suit ever built by me! (WIP and might be PIC Heavy)

    looking great man, love the idea of using both foam and resin parts for the armor. Can't wait to see more, Subbed :)
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    Spartan IV Build

    Little update not much tho, I fiberglassed the outside with 2 thin coats, and rondo'ed the inside. I HAVE NEVER RONDO'ED BEFORE that being said let me know what you think. I am going to be cleaning up the outside of the helmet with some bondo then sand to make it look nice and smooth.