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  • Ok, no rush, I just like to make myself available so no one can complain I didn't share my knowledge (however limited). ;P if you get any questions that give you a light bulb moment, feel free to send me a message! and good luck with those weddings!!
    LD at first, to get your scale right, then move on to HD if you want a High Def model(which means less detail work with Bondo.)
    wow, nice CQB work. and yes, you build the base model first. If you are going to be doing HD armor, I HIGHLY suggest fitting the scale of your model on yourself with LD models first, so you don't end up with 200+ hours on a chestpiece and it not fit.
    110Lb is great, it's what I use. fiberglass cloth is better to use(the stuff that looks like it's sharded up) rather than the mat that looks neat and tidy, because the shards harden together easier than the neat and tidy stuff. Assuming you live in the US, the best Resin to use is Bondo brand polyester Resin from the Automotive shop in Walmart. BEFORE YOU USE IT GET AN ORGANIC VAPOR RESPIRATOR AS THE RESIN, IF BREATHED INTO YOUR LUNGS, WILL TURN YOUR LUNGS INSIDES AS TOUGH AS LEATHER AND WILL SHORTEN YOUR LIFESPAN. Just so I know how to help you a little better, give me a rough speculation of how you will harden your pep model.
    message 3 of 3 as for the thickness question, the original models are built out of cardstock, and then are hardened with fiberglass. but a lot of members harden theirs with rondo, a mixture of Bondo and Resin, much like room temperature pudding. this stuff is thick. any questions, feel free to ask! :) good luck, and i will link you to something that will help you out a lot. thisIntro Guide
    message 2 of 3 once you have this measurement, convert it from Inches to Millimeters. once you have your millimeter measurement, put the it into the height scale box. don't try to change all three(height width and depth) because you can only change one, the others snap to proportion. after you hit ok, move the pieces around to fit the page! :) Ctrl+M to select and move, Ctrl+R to rotate(be sure to change back to move to move the pieces again) and if you find that a piece is too big for one page, you can press Ctrl+N to cut.
    message 1 of 3 ok, so a good guide to check out for scaling right is Halo Goddess' scaling tutorial, it's helped me a lot! and unless the model is not built quite right, this will work. but what you wanna do is open up pep designer, and at the top where all the commands are at like, file, 3D Menu, etc. you want to go to 2D menu, and go down the menu until it says change scale. you then go to Scale Factor, and that is where you change it to fit you. for the Helm(great choice of action btw, I always suggests to do the helm first, just for motivation) you get your flexible or sewing tape measure, and bring it from the top of your head, to the bottom of your chin, and record this measurement.
    hello new apprentice! :) feel free to ask me any questions regarding pep or any other questions about armor you may have. :)
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