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  • Hey Doc,
    I'm looking to start my foam build. Before, you told me you were removing the flaps from the pep file. I'm still new to the Pep designer software, can you help me figure out how to do that?
    Lol yep been working on a recon helm and I actualy found this pic on this app called gaming pics. It's a filtered reddit app for only gaming related images and someone sniped ya and I found it. Yes that would be awsome man I live in San Diego and have never been... I know sad story lol I won't have a suit in time cuz of school and seeing as to where I am with the helm so far.
    Look who i found...

    if this isnt u doc then u have a secret clone whos out at conventions using ur armor lol love the suit bro
    Makes sense. I look forward to seeing the picture so I can get a better idea of what to do and start on my own build.
    This may seem like a stupid question because it probably is, but I just want to make sure: are you using the pep files as a tracing guide for the foam? Or do you have some other template?
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