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  • I was still interested in those molded pieces for Kat's armor, but I have not heard back from you in a VERY long time. :\
    Well, first and foremost, I would like to know a rough price before we get any further. Right now, I MIGHT be able to get someone to cut out stuff for me with their craftrobo and while I am waiting to figure out when he can have it to me by, I am currently pepping some stuff now.
    Here is my e-mail: halogoddess@rocketmail.com

    And it would be easier to just leave the comment on my profile since I don't get notified if you leave a reply to my comment on your profile. XD
    Well I saw your post about making molds of Kats armor. I would like that since it would make things MUCH easier and I might, for ONCE, have a completed suit done in time! :D

    But the thing that worries me about it, is the cost. :( I don't have a whole lot of money and since I am a waitress now, I live off tips.
    Was just following up on that scout file. I can certianly send it your way if you'd like it. I can send it via email/IM/ or upload it somewhere. Whatever is easier for you.
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