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  • Your Kat armour build looks really nice! Haha the first thread my friend and I ever read on here was your scaling thread so thanks for that! Hopefully we'll actually make the armour now.... o_o
    I feel like I should find it disappointing that you're nearly my only friend who's been online since 2012 started. :p
    hello i have a question you may be able to answer would you be able to help me with some pep unfolding
    When ever you make your armor out of foam, how do you get the pieces to match up together? Do you print it out or do you just go from observation?
    Hey I saw your wip pictures of the Kat armor and wanted to ask, do you use eva foam for it? If not what do you use? Thanks.
    thank you for the advice. i noticed that you are from detroit. i lived there from 1986 unitl 1993. i went to pelham middle school and southwestern high school. it was very rough growing up there, is it still that way or has detroit been cleaned up.
    u got a XBL Gamertag? maybe we could do some reach or H-3 campaign. (You don't get to see master chief in Matchmaking =P)

    XBL: Noble Arkangel
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Let's see......my name is Niki and I am a self proclaimed Halo fanatic! XD haha

I'm an artist so naturally I like to draw, but deal mostly in photoshop. I'm also a gamer. :p
May 21, 1982 (Age: 39)
Detroit Metro Area, Michigan
S-117's accomplice


Still kickin'
Can find me on Instagram: