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¿How to fix size or create?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Mike Mclane, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Mike Mclane

    Mike Mclane New Member

    Hi everybody.
    First Post Here.

    So, I've been trying to make Armors, Helmets, I mean, Lots of props, lots of failure, I recently found this site.
    It's Awsome, I never Knew something like this could exist. :thumbsup

    I found the files, but I don't know how to fix the size, I mean for human use :lol
    Plus, How do I create? I read in some threads that you create your own models to fix to your own body.

    If is there a tutorial or a program that I need to use or learn. Could you please tell me?

    Because I don't want to print it, build it and throw it away because it will not fit me :(.
    I'll be glad to cooperate with you from now on. Thanks for the help
  2. foxyfoxy90

    foxyfoxy90 New Member

    I learned all I know about scaleing from this guy.

    Your going to need Pepekura Designer the blue on not the green one.
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  3. chrisy159


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