[1.5ish build] 3d printed Halo 5 Noble armour


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Heya 405,

Excuses in advance for what's probably going to be a picture heavy thread.

After spending a lot of time on pepping a halo 4 ODST suit, and wholly failing to keep the thread updated (it's getting there I might drop some updates in here at some point), I've been dragging my feet on getting another project started.

In the time between starting on the ODST and the present, I managed to acquire my greatest joy and bane in life. A 3d printer, specifically a cr-10. And have used it, sometimes more successful than others, to make some props to go with my odst suit.

But a thought struck me, if I can print weapons so too can I print armour. So I went forth and got my mitts on some files for the Halo 5 Noble armour. Sans helmet for which I will be using the Reach Carter helmet modelled by our very own Moesizzlac (Check him out on Thingiverse he's doing some great work modelling all kinds of cool stuff).

To summarize an increasingly lengthy post. I'll be using this thread to detail my advances in 3d printing my second suit of armour. And like any build, since I'm definitely not spartan sized, this adventure starts with scaling. For which I'll be using armorsmith designer (Lovely piece of kit).
1st screeny.png

The first thing I did was loading the different pieces straight into Cura and see how they were oriented and such.

then I threw them into mesh mixer in an effort to make some of the pieces a bit thinner to make them a bit roomier, starting with the gauntlet. I think I did pretty okay.

2nd screeny.png

The wall got a bit thin in this section but that should still be fine.

After some smoothing out on the top of the forearm it was time to ensure it was properly scaled before cutting it up further to reduce print time and allow for the inclusion of magnets.


And this is where I'll leave the post, for now, more updates to follow.
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And we're back with the first update. Upon scaling I found the width and depth were pretty on point already so I left those alone. But I did stretch the entire piece so that it would look/ sit more akin to the concept art I've been going off of, it also makes it look a bit sleeker. (This was also the part where I realised I had the wrong side facing up.)


That was easily remedied by attaching it to the other arm though.

This was also the time where I started looking at the elbow. Which had decided that the tiny life was where it was at. Using pepakura designer's measuring tool I managed to figure out the elbow had to be scaled up by roughly 1744%.

Next thing I did was to get back to the forearm and start dividing it up. I chose to divide it into six parts after I had chosen the spots for the magnets and cleared those out. I've added some alignment pins for good measure, choosing to go for 4x4x12 mm for the pins.

And after some shape-preserving reduction magic, I managed to knock the file sizes down considerably and the pieces should be ready for a test print.

And that's that for this time around. Cya all in the future with more updates.


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And here we are with the next instalment of "What will we **** up this time!".

First thing I did was print two sets of pins and started my first print on the forearm, choosing to go for white PLA since the current paint scheme I have in mind is a primary of white and red as a secondary. But as with everything that is liable to change.

While my printer did its thing I decided to take a look at the now correctly scaled elbow. Throwing it into meshmixer was the first step and all I had to do was sink the face in a little, this left it with some wall thickness still and a nice hollow for my to put any kind of rigging into, although my current idea is to just glue/join it to the forearm and calling it a day if that proves to be good enough.

And after some test prints, I had a functional elbow piece.

In the meantime, the gloves arrived but they were, to put it lightly, subpar. So I'm still working out how to do those, any suggestions are more than welcome.

The next things on the agenda are to get the forearm printed and to scale the bicep/shoulder along with the helmet. And dividing those as necessary.


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That is quite the progressions in prints! Looks really good.

Are you still going to paint the PLA or just leave it raw?
I'm planning on painting the PLA later when I have the full suit pieced together. After some obligatory sanding and priming of course.


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After some obligatory sanding and priming of course.
Nice! I am currently working on my own 3D printed suit and I can say that the sanding + priming + sanding + priming + sanding + priming can wear on. (but you can get through it)

Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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Nice, which suit are you aiming for?

And thanks, I'll try to remind myself to keep taking screenshots to update the thread periodically whenever I make a decent chunk of progress.


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(I've been working on it since last November)

Edit: It has been a ton of fun and I have learned a ton (thanks to many members here) getting to my current point. Please do not hesitate to ask questions!