13 minutes of Guardian (lockout successor)

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Two challengers are brought before a massive audience to test their opponent's gaming mettle on a gigantic screen. Though the game is familiar to them, the rules have been changed. There are new levels that they're unfamiliar with, new items they've never used. Two will enter the battle, but only one will leave victorious. It's the final round of Video Armegeddon and the game? Super Mario Bros. 3! ... No, wait, that's not right. It was the Omegathon, and the game was Halo 3. But the similarities are striking, aren't they?

Now, you can be a part of the unofficial sequel to The Wizard with this video direct from the competition. Though the audience gets pretty pumped whenever they see new weapons like the flame thrower, the excitement when the sword is brought into play is palpable. The battle continues after the jump.
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