2024 Regimental Staff Announcement & Introduction

Rock Lobbster

405th Regiment Officer
Stream Team
Member DIN
Hello everyone! Your residential crustacean Lobbster here to announce that I’ll be taking up the reins as the new Colonial RCO for the 2024-2026 season!
I believe the majority of you are familiar with me already but just in case, I joined the 405th in 2018 and built my first set of armor (a foam ODST) that same year. Since then I’ve built a foam & resin cast Reach Mark Vb, a vacuum formed & 3d printed ODST Concept suit, and a foam & 3d printed Infinite Mark VII Vocaloid crossover (all threads are linked). I’m active in the Discord, forums, and in person at various conventions across North America. My DM’s are open here and on Discord so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I’d be happy to direct you to the right resources! I’m looking forward to helping grow our regiment and keep the love for Halo costuming going.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to introduce SgtSkittle117 who will be Colonial’s RXO, you may know him from his absolute obsession with the flamethrower & gravity hammer.
MoeSizzlac will be Colonial’s RMO (RMoe, Get it? :D). If you think you don't recognize him, trust me, you do. This madman has modelled the majority of the free 3d printable Halo files you can find in the Free Files thread and on Thingiverse.
I’m so happy both of these fantastic gentlemen are accompanying me on this journey. Both have been with the 405th for quite a while now and have a wealth of knowledge regarding the costuming world so please give them a hearty greeting!

That's all for now folks!

~ Lobbster

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