360 took a dump

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My 360 stopped working yesterday randomly. It would freeze while playing games couple days ago and progressivley got worse to the point where it starts and gives me the 3 red lights. I did diagonistics and error pattern I got means xbox doesn't' even know whats wrong with itself. Worst thing about it is the 1 year warrenty thing expired a week ago....go figure :(
Sorry to hear it.

Mine died right before Christmas, buit it was still covered. If your 360 was made in 2005 you can still get it fixed for free. Look at your serial numbers on the back if the date says 2005 then call microsoft support. They'll probably offer you a return authorization.
nice, then its covered. just contact support. If you want your own 360 back, copy down the serial # so you can check it when its returned.
Reds right my 360 did the same thing. just cal them up, they send u a box, u puit 360 in box and then u get it back like 8 days later. their # is 1 800 4my xbox. I takes forever. it suks. But they re do everything. jsut don't and i mean don't put anything in it. leave the harddrive out and make sure all games are out. otherwise u won't get it back
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