I have a confession.

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im not proud to admit this, but I kinda lied about my age to get on the forums, and I understand if you have to boot me or something like that, but I did this when I was 11, I had surfed the internet trying to find anywhere I could find help, but to no prevail, im actually now 13, and "the son" that I have is actually me, It was the only way I could think off to make it seem like I was and adult

I'm dreadfully sorry, and I wish I had just waited till I was 13 so I could get on the forum, hopefully this isn't my last post, but I undertstand if it is.
thank you for hearing me out
-saxon fox

This forum has specific rules to protect all of us. I take it very seriously when someone not only intentionally breaks those rules, but does so repeatedly over a protracted period of time. An important lesson that everyone needs to learn is that every action has consequences. The actions of @jegatherdomani will result in him having to serve a forum ban for a period of 4 months.

spartan Mclark - while I appreciate you coming in to support @jegatherdomani, your situation is very different and over a very short period of time. I don't want people to get the impression that I'm being hard on one of you and not the other.

@jegatherdomani - you have carried forward a lie for almost 2 years. And you didn't just fail to enter your correct date of birth when you registered. You created a whole persona to reinforce the lie. People will talk differently to someone they believe is an adult. You risk this very forum by treating it as if the rules don't apply to you. I can't have that. I also can't have people seeing this at a later time and believing that the rules are meaningless because I did nothing to enforce this very important one.

This message is being DM'd to jegatherdomnai as well and the 4 month ban until January 25, 2023 starts immediately. You are welcome to return after such time but you will adhere to the rules.
Not open for further replies.