4 Dec 2021 LIBCON West in Phoenix (Glendale) Join Us or Visit Our Booth!


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Who: 405th members and Halo fans from the Phoenix/Tucson areas
What: LIBCON West
When: 4 Dec 2021
Where: Velma Teague Library, Glendale, AZ
Why: Because it's a local con with an emphasis on cosplay and panels
How: We are grabbing a table and plan to base our trooping and recruiting efforts from there

Here's the link:

LibCon West at Glendale Public Library

Here's the poster:

Please let us know if you can make it. We will operate a recruiting booth with cosplay support (including emergency repair). In the upcoming months we will be working on our booth build. If you are interested or can help, also let us know.

See you in December.

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Ill be there fully costumed, got some props that are both finished and work in progress that I can bring for the event.
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BUMP! We are just a couple of weeks out from LIBCON at the Glendale, AZ library. Please join us! We'll be setting up by 1100 but the event opens to the public at 1200 and runs until 1700 (5pm for you non-UNSC types). Give us a heads-up if you are coming.

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