4 Player Co-Op mode for Halo 3

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I knew that...
It was a bit of a joke...but, awesomeness on there being 3 Battle-Ready Spartans serving with the Master Chief.
Not necessarily anyways. The two player co-op for Halo 2 had both players playing the game but the storyline treated you like you were just one individual.
Try to remember though that this info was hacked from the beta... and Bungie knew full welll that the source code would be hacked. They've included stuff in the coding that wasn't available in the final version before...

I mean I want it to be there too, and very badly, but until it's confirmed on September 25th, it just rumor. Besides theres some real backlash for the modding community about this.... it gets bungie mad at all modders, not just the ones that use mods to cheat and pry open the beta for spoilers.

Read here: http://main.halodev.org/devblogs/posts/nic...to-halo-modders
i bet u guys anything that the only two spartans are john and kelly, hints the stary night commercial with john and kelly

(me thinks)
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