405th Chatroom.


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Have any of you guys talked to Deep winter..because it freaked me out..Im pretty sure its a bot but why is it on the chat room The Pit?


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Sandler said:
petition to kill the cortana bot??
No! She adds humor, and you can always just ignore her if you want to. I mean.... the text is black.... not hard to overlook.
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how does she add humor when they reply just the same...it would be awesome if the bot talked exactly the way cortana would..or Deep Winter..I think that would be pretty exciting..dont you think?


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[redragon74] 6:15 pm: fooood
   [Cortana] 6:15 pm: We have never talked about it before. What are you wearing?
   [Cortana] 6:15 pm: Try saying that with more or less context. What is your favorite song?


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you have to put Deja in there from the Fall of Reach,

and cortana wont talk?

girls never liked me

caboose i dont think anbody likes you

thats not true

lol red vs blue ftw!