My journey with the 405th


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Hello everyone,

My name is Sebastian Chavarria and just recently I just finished my Mark VII Halo Infinite armor! Since I just finished my armor, I want to start off by saying that I am really excited to join this group. Not only that, but I also can't wait to meet some amazing people along this journey within the 405th. Well, let's start off with what are my hobbies and getting to know more about me. My hobbies are obviously playing video games, snowboarding, playing soccer, building armor, a Star Wars fanatic guy lol, building PCs, and going out to trips. I am located in Southern California and really am thankful for Nick Yelsa's help on starting this 405th account. If you are in Socal, I will be attending WonderCon in my Mark VII armor! Overall, really am excited to start this new journey with the 405th and can't wait to meet some awesome and incredible people!


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Welcome to the 405th bud!
That's a great first set of armour, have you made a build thread for it? I'd love to see how you went about making it.

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