405th Day 2022

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Well, turns out I couldn't get into or retrieve the password from the Twitch Account I made in like 2012, but never really logged into or used, but new Account made and activated.
Encanto in the silver timeline? [shocked expression here]

Made these hastily on my phone this morning, might do some actual edits during the Mayhem stream
I'd like in on stream night if possible. I know I'm late but couldn't find the post till now
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Hoo boy has it been a week. My phone might officially need to be retired after it being worn out by the constant activity throughout all of the festivities!

For an example this is the highlight reel from the Instagram account alone of people sharing their favourite memories of events, proudest build moments and just stories of community and friendship. There was so many that it was difficult to keep up with and I apologize if I missed seeing your tag but there were just so many good stories and skilled builders both new and veterans to hear from and I highly recommend giving the highlight a browse.

We had FIVE streams this year with two game nights, a build night and of course our annual session of being so stubborn we will props into existence. Voices were strained but there were so many belly laughs and new (possibly horrifying) revelations about the Halo lore and cosplay that it of course translated into skilled photoshops and other things that we don't talk about (poncho Chief/Bruno).

I'd like to thank Benton188, Cadet, CobaltEclipse, CplYapFlip, xXDashIVXx, Harri51, indigoD0g, KaeSpoon, KitKatGoose, Lieutenant Jaku, NewBrody, NobleofDeath16, ODCA, Rock Lobbster, Schankerz, SoleofDeath, Soloakel, Spidermonkey60, SquishyShoes, tahu505, The Tiny Geek, Wayward Flood, ZiggyGrimm for offering their time to make sure that the week was celebrated in the most colourful way possible. I hope you all had fun working together as a team and bringing a smile to other people's faces.

Thank you everyone of the 405th Infantry Division for being awesome.

<3 Turbo
Crazy how that even with 5 days of streams I was only able to watch for an hour this morning. But hey, I'm glad you all enjoyed yourself, and I look forward to more stories of shenanigans spilling out!
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