405th Day Games - MCC and Infinite Open Lobbies - April 5th, 2024 through April 6th, 2024

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Quick update! Due to personal schedule constraints, I will not be able to stream this 405th Day game night. I know we had a lot of votes for it and am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We will make up for it with a make-up Mayhem and some other stream content.

Benton188 has graciously offered to help me host for Friday as I will not be available to open the lobby as planned. But I will be during that evening as I have outside obligations to see through first.
Just remembering what I've got on this weekend, I may not be able to join in for games. But I wanna hear all about the shenanigans afterwards.
I see.... Coincidentally, I happen had signal problems at my place. I'm worried if my Ping going high or even disconnected.
Dunno if there is still room for one more. I was planning on Streaming Halo tonight! Open tomorrow as well I think.
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For everyone playing this evening, I will be hosting our Halo: MCC game night! please make sure you have me added, NobleofDeath16 on all platforms.
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