405th Digital Group Photo HOW TO JOIN


Is dragon den going to be joining? If so I can do one of the art poses y'all have thrown around!
I guess he didnt see the post on insta. I cant think of anything more Iconic than Dragon holding me, but if that's too hard you can just have us fist bumping XD


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Welp, finally got around to this one. I'd love it if you'd be able to get in there with a grav hammer, having a sit on the warthog or where else you feel fits.


  • Koen's Spartan.zip
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Don't know how I haven't seen this thread yet.

I'll leave these here if you're still working on this.
yeah... this was an art project for school years ago.JPG


  • S225.zip
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I was wondering if you could help me with a quick project using this blender method. I just need a Spartan in a specific pose for a Regiment graphic.. Would either of you be able to help?

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After thinking mighty hard about it my favorite Reach wep is the AR aesthetically (shocking) and pose wise something silly since my brain just can't manage it.

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