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Ok. First off, I appologise for not updating my ABC head thread, but that is due to me having to do work for university. Now I will explain what I wish to accomplish. (BTW this is for a Uni project)

Right, I would first like to ask permission to do this documentary as I don't wish to make it, then everyone gets offended and I get bombarded with pms about not asking if I could do this or not. I would specifically like an admin/s to comment on whether or not this is possible (as they have the power), but all members of this community are welcolme to comment.

My initial idea is to do a short (around) 4 min film on how people feel about being part of this community. I would be mentioning some peoples names in the video (for quotes and the like) but specifically Adam (site owner) and Sharkhead (because I am building his Ironman helmet and would be showing how far I have got with it, in the vid). I would also like to mention how this community has helped some people (examples welcolme).

I know that there are exceptions like the recasting issues and so on (which everyone here wants to basically kill the people that do them), but I would not wish to mention that in this documentary. I only wish to talk about what we do, how we work as a community, how we feel about being part of this community, how helpful we are, like if someone is having a hard time making something and they think that they may never finish it, we encourage them with words of support to get it done (and usually it works), not how we hate people that rip other people off (as that is self explanitory).

I would also like to take a couple of screen shots of the website, like the main page and so on to use in the vid, if that is possible. And I would like to show some peoples finished work. If you want your stuff to be shown in the vid all you have to do is give permission for me to show it, and if I can fit it into the video I will. That goes for people that wish to be mentioned for quotes as well. Just give me permission, and if there is enough time I will try to fit you in.

A question for Adam (if you read this): Why did you start this website? (as this would start off the documentary)

After it is finished I will upload the video and post a link to it here for all to see.

So is it possible for me to do this? If so just post your fellings on this.


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Thanks Adam.

I know it will not be an official video. I just thought that it would be a good idea to make a video on how people feel about being a member of the 405th for my uni project. I thought that I had better ask first.

Video will be finished by august 3rd, so it should appear here sometime soon after that.

It would be great if I could actually interview people, but I don't know anyone near me that is a member :(.


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You could always interview via webcam. I love this idea BTW, should turn out very nicely. I would want to be in it, but I don't have anything to show for myself lol.


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mc hammer time said:
You could always interview via webcam. I love this idea BTW, should turn out very nicely. I would want to be in it, but I don't have anything to show for myself lol.
Thanks for the support. I like the webcam Idea. How about I post some questions and people can record themselves answering them and then send me the video. How does that sound? As I don't own a webcam.

You don't have to have anything to show. I am also looking for peoples views about being a member of the community here. So if you want you could post your views and I will try and fit as much of it as possible into the video. I mean I don't have much to show but my Ironman helmet (still in pep and not finished btw) will be on it along with my views of being a member of this community.

Just trying to get myself a camera man. I maybe in luck, but I will need to wait and see. I am also trying to get permission to use the 405th logos as well. Hopefully that will go well as Adam has agreed to allow me to do this vid.

Maybe I could do a longer video in the near future. It would contain more detail with more views. But only after all of my work is out of the way.

Edit: Come on guys and gals. If I don't get anyone other than mc hammer and adam onboard with this then I can't do it. I need your input. So take a chance and tell me how you feel about being part of this ever growing community. Even a few lines will do.

Here are a few questions that you can answer:

how do you feel we work as a community?

how do you feel about being part of this community?

how helpful are the rest of the community in helping you and others that get into trouble? (whether it be they dont know what they are doing or they screwed up and are looking for help on how to fix it ect.)

I have until the end of the week to get some more views for this otherwise I will have to abandon this for now and work on something else.
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Why don't you pm people some questions? ;) I would be more then happy to answer a pm full of questions that you sent me. Then you could show the Qs and As.


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Yeah, I was thinking about doing that, and thats what Im going to do. Pms being sent now.

On another note regarding the need for my internet computer:

I got hacked on Monday I think it was, so have to buy a new motherboard as whoever done it managed to kill my rom chip. They also killed my OS. So I am not able to check here as often as I need. So if I take a while to reply, you know why.

Edit: Adam is it ok to use a pic of your Mc armour for this doc along with your profile page? If so, do you have any recent pics. I can find old ones which will do, but recent ones would be nice. Thanks


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Ok. From what I have got from the people that have participated in this, I have found that 4 minutes is way too short for what I want to accomplish. That being said, I have decided to extend the length of this doc. To what length I have not decided, but this decision has delayed the date on which I would have posted this on youtube. Deppending on the length it will either be in 2 or 3 parts (hopefully only 2). From the footage I have already and other bits and pieces this is already around the 15 minute mark so it may take a little time to refine this. I will post a new date on when this will be uploaded once I get most of this sorted out into some sort of order.