405th Extra Life Streams 2020

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Some fans play Halo, some fans live it and through November we're doing both in support of the Extra Life charity in support of children's hospitals!
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Our chosen hospital for the 405th Infantry Division is the Renown Children's Hospital in Nevada as a thank you to Art for hosting and managing the 405th forums that we call home. If you'd like to donate to the cause or help spread the word that we're raising money create an Extra Life account and join our Team with the link below.

If you'd like to join in the fun and excitement of a community fundraising event we'd love to welcome everyone to join us on twitch.tv/405thhalo this weekend for a 12 hour blast including crafting tutorials, hangouts, costumed gaming and of course a LEGENDARY game night to cap it all off.


As always 405th members are more than welcome to join in the games, for this stream we'll be playing on MCC PC and controlling video and game chatter through Discord. For those unfamiliar with the Discord everything is sorted into convenient channels, the important ones for this event are #hog_game_nights and the voice channel Stream Chat. #hog_game_nights will have information such as the Steam and Windows Store names of party leaders and the current game modes being set up. Stream Chat will be our dedicated stream channel with players sharing their screens for sake of switching on our stream, if you'd still like to play with the group but do not want your voice or screen shared MCC Party will be available. To access this voice channel please make sure you include your name on the sign up sheet (linked Google sheet) and join the Discord with a name matching that of your forum account.

Discord Link

Sign-up Sheet

Since this is a charity event for a children's hospital we're going to be strict on the PG-13 nature of the stream so everyone be on your best behaviour and stow the colourful language that's reserved for a higher rating.

If you cannot join in for November 7th we'll also be doing a longer and more content-packed stream on November 21st. If you have any suggestions of content or want to join in, make sure to let us know.

Also a huge thanks to Rock Lobbster, FANGS and Asgardianhammer for helping to bring all this together!
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To update where we're at after session one: GOAL CRUSHED.

Thank you everyone who took part or donated to the cause. We'll be figuring out a schedule of events for the 21st over the next couple days and take what we learned from the first stream to improve upon the next.

Also apologies for the tag storm but the day wouldn't have been quite the same without (in order of appearance) Rock Lobbster, Angus314, CrimsonViper97, crackhead09, Rosebud, RandomRanger, CplYapFlip, PlanetAlexander, ODCA, Harri51, Purplehazey, Ashuraa, Shadowshail, SoleofDeath, Wayward Flood, Benton188, SquishyShoes, Spidermonkey60, NobleofDeath16, MrJamin or Foxcario. Even if you feel like you just played some games or built some stuff with a camera on it helped make a huge difference and made for a very entertaining day of streams! Thank you all!

I hope every had a nice relaxing weekend off because we're back at it again this weekend November 21st to continue our quest to raise a bunch of money to help out sick kids.

If you'd like to join the Extra Life Team or donate to the 405th's chosen hospital, please follow the link below.

For anyone that would like to take part in any of the sessions we have a sign up roster through a Google Spreadsheet.

As with most of these large group coordinated streams we'll be managing connections through our Discord. May sure that your Discord name matches your forum account name and the name on the sign up roster so appropriate permissions can be applied before the stream begins. Late sign ups won't be possible so get you name in as soon as you can confirm you're able to join!

Since this is a charity event for a children's hospital we're going to be strict on the PG-13 nature of the stream so everyone be on your best behaviour and stow the colourful language that's reserved for a higher rating.
I'm back into the world of the kind of awake people after snagging three-ish hours sleep after the stream and wanted to do a quick update on how things went with the twenty four hour event. Should we start with the big shiny number? Let's start with the big shiny number!

Originally we set out to raise $405 USD for the Renown Children's Hospital of Nevada and crushed that initial goal in the first practice stream. From there we raised the stakes and set it to $2552 USD which we again blew right past (50 cal, rockets, didn't do a thing) at just before the halfway point of the stream yesterday and we continued ticking upward. As a cheeky nod to 343i we set our final goal as $3431 USD and got over halfway there from our previous goal. Although we didn't hit the top number we beat our initial target by seven times which is an astounding feat of generosity by everyone who donated and a testament to the hard work that our Stream Team put in over the course of 36 hours on stream in the past two weeks.

A huge thanks to everyone who donated their time and expertise to entertain and educate the viewers, without you fine folks this monumental achievement would not have been possible!
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