405th/ Halo Armor Build Day

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We had our first build day here in Pensacola at The Foam Forge, and I believe it was a success.

Our goal for these build days is to take a person new to the Halo costuming world and walk / guide them all the way through to a completed suit. This was not going to be a one day workshop or class, but a regular event that people came come to continue work on their armor.

These build days would also help new members get to know the more experienced Halo costumers in the area, and basically begin to build a local Halo costuming group.

As I said, I think it was a success.

We had about eight people show up. Of those four got measured and set up to start their own suits and created accounts here: Moxxie jfcapozella MKUltra Began by going over who we were, what the 405th was, and some of the goals we had. We had NocturnalKnight and his friend show up to start on their upgraded suits. KellyKell brought a few of her Spartan Linda plates that she mocked up to go over where to go next.

Got nothing but positive replies from the new recruits and everyone else that came by. Here's a nice response from one of our new people that set to start work on Veronica Dare.

We learned a few things today, and are making changes when moving forward. When we plan and post the next event we'll ask for people to state what they are hoping/needing to accomplish, that way we can pair them off with people experienced with those needs. We'll always post links to the forum and basic tools they will likely want to bring. If we get new people at the next event, we'll separate off with them to give them today. That way we won't have to repeat it for every meeting.

We'll also utilized these days as a way to communicate and coordinate things as a group as well as cover topics that would be important to us such as how to be effective handlers and trigger / muzzle disapline, etc.

Certainly will post write up as they happen, so you can learn how to set up and run your own build days. Love to hear what you think.


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I had a lot of fun meeting everyone and getting my foot into the door of such a largly recognized costuming group. Ive heard of the 405th before but never thought I’d get to be in the ranks. brkiker definitely helped me visualize how I can achieve my goals.


405th Regiment Officer
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This is a very healthy way to grow the community. I love it!

Any plans to record or stream any of the shenanigans?
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