405th Midwest Regiment "Closed" Facebook Group


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I honestly, for the life of me, thought we had a stuck thread about the "Closed" Facebook page for the MidWest Regiment. However, someone asked me about it recently, and when I went to check, I did not actually see a clear thread for it.

So, there is a "Closed" Facebook Group for the MidWest Regiment that can be found here:
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At this time you do not have to be a full Regiment Member (50 posts on the Forums and an Account over 90 Days) to join the group, I am keeping it open to potential members, or "In-Progress" members in addition to Full Members. The only thing is that you must answer the 3 "Pending Members Questions" in order to join the group. Facebook users who do not answer the questions will not be added to the group. This is in an effort to keep out Spam/Troll accounts.

(As a reminder, all official 405th business, including event planning, is carried out on the Forums)


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I figure I am one of the "In Progress" category of folks. Went ahead and throw in a join request.