A confused Mjolnir armour set

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Incorrect cadpat! Hurray!​
I couldn't find anything close to the right light green and brown to do for the pattern. and I had to rush the paintjob to be ready for tomorrow (IE, I spent 20 minutes on it)

Individually each part looks like total ass, but when I put them together it is an impressive sight.

I still have to figure out a strapping system for tomorrow. Add the soft parts (neck seal, thigh plates) and stencil on a Canadian flag on the back. (GO CANADA GO)

It's a cross between the Mark 6 (halo 2) and the Mark 5 (halo 1) I already had the helmet and shins assembled when I started the Mark 5, so I just kept those pieces to speed the process up. I also decided to use the Mark 6 thigh pieces because the Mark 5 ones look painfully comfortable. I made the Patterns from the 3D model myself for all the Mark 5 pieces. You can get them in this thread.

Here are some development pictures.

<div align="center">The Detailing on the helmet. Try this yourself, it's way better than bondo. Just if you have time, please sand the corners down and put in some body filler in the gaps. I didn't have time, but it would make it look 100% better.


All my plants are now lightly coated in resin and spraypaint!


Helmet being primed


Nearly finished helmet. The face shield is a lexan safetly shield I got for 5 dollars. Cutting lexan is DIFFICULT, EVEN WITH A DREMEL. I still need to put the cardboard pattern painted gold on it. (I happened to have some gold paint left over from my other spartan helmet.*


The other spartan helmet*


<div align='left'>There you go.
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I like it a lot! I wonder how many people (including me and you) are just throwing these things together tonight because they've been pushing it off for so long.

After tomorrow, are you gonna give it a more detailed paintjob? And are you gonna go Chief Green or mix it up with your own stuff? Maybe go the route of Metal Gear Solid 3 and paint it with a camo pattern like rubber ducks. Heh. It'd definitely be original. Or you could paint it fluorescent(sp?)

Oh, the possibilities when you have Mjolnir Armor!
The proper way to do it would be to trace over the camo you want to copy. Then cut out the shapes and use that as a stencil for painting.

Instead to save time I just made up some shapes on a piece of paper. Cut them out and smeared ugly wet paint everywhere over my armour. (The proper way is to use light coats. and to do it slowly so you don't soak your stencil in paint. I just blasted the thing and got paint EVERYWHERE*

*fun fact, the grey patterns were used to cover the black paint drops

Also, in my rush, I didn't want for the base coat of green to dry. Which happened to be the worse paint I have ever used. It was 2 dollars at walmart, and it is garbage. Total ****. And like a moron I used krylon on top of it. The krylon dried first and then cracked as the walmart crap paint dried underneath. I am sanding and repainting this armour for Halloween because I am nowhere near satisfied with it.

edit. I wont paint it MC green, or any solid colour for that matter. The colours the MC have been are so stupid. This is the god damn future and they haven't figured out digital camo yet? For chrissakes the Marines still wear urban stalker!

I also didn't do a cod piece. because I am lazy, there is no time, and I think codpieces are stupid for armour. (you have a plate that hangs over your crotch, not some stupid metal diaper.
incase anyone is wondering. This is the pattern I did such a poor job of replicating.


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I eventually hope to make a groin panel like this one

Infact. A vest like that would make great underarmour. Too bad is likely expensive.
Sean Bradley said:
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Now i know the report button works. So wait what did you use for the visor moz? Oh and um what is that peace that looks like an x? sorry i havent played halo: CE in like forever.
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Moz said:
Lexan safety shield. Cost me 4 bucks
Where'd you pick that up? I had found a decent reflective safety shield for 15 a while back, but I called to order and it had been discontinued.
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papamurf812 said:
Where'd you pick that up? I had found a decent reflective safety shield for 15 a while back, but I called to order and it had been discontinued.

A hardware surplus. They had a big box full of them. So I doubt you'll be able to find it anywhere as cheap.
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Leadingspartan said:
Now i know the report button works. So wait what did you use for the visor moz? Oh and um what is that peace that looks like an x? sorry i havent played halo: CE in like forever.

I'm not sure whether you're referring to the piece in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner LS, but either way you're looking at the backpack and/or chest plate (that's the piece in the bottom-right corner of the pic). It's from the Mk V suit as seen in the first game.

Moz, nice work on that suit. Even though it's admittedly mismatched (some Mk V, some Mk VI), I think it'll still make for an impressive sight on launch day of the third and final game of the series. I like the standard camouflage scheme, btw. Different from what most others do... :cool:
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I call it the spartan 5.2

I remember reading somewhere that between Halo 1 and Halo 2 there where spartans with mismatched amour. (new helmets, etc) Halo 3 in fact features the Mark 5 as a permutation.


Armour has been strapped (old backpack) and soft armour added. I also dry brushed it with silver to cover up the crappy paintjob.


Soft armour is SOFT. I made it out of some green craft foam that I spray painted black. I doubt it comes in black anyway, but I already had them.


I put the strap on the outside for two reasons. It looks cooler, and I did such a crummy job at the top of the thigh piece that I couldn't cut a proper slit for the strap.


Here is the strapping on the inside. It is hinged at the top by nylon on both sides, and it clips in at the bottom sides with buckles that are adjustable. I used a lot of extra strap and hotglued it to the inside of the armour for support. The proper way would have been to revet it. For halloween I guess. You can see I didnt spray paint the back of the foam. lazy I guess.


Finished chestplate... Wait I forgot something.


Oh Canada, eh!

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My girlfriend is coming by later to help me suit up. so I'll have picture then.

Also one of my biceps isn't finished fibreglassing. I had to redo a part of it and it hasn't dried yet.
Lovin' it. I've already made my "confused mjolnir" set too. Only it's the cross between a Spartand and an ODST.
I need to get this game.




I promised I would take her out for a nice dinner after this.


This is the money shot

My next steps is to first:
  2. Make a body cast.
  3. Throw out the biceps and shin pads.
  4. Remove the soft armour (the spraypaint just came off)
  5. Made a codpiece and replace the biceps and shins (they suck design wise)
  6. Made a real chest piece, I was using an OD chest rig and it looked pretty bad.
  7. Buy an orbital sander and remove all the crappy paint and resin.
  8. Add another layer of fibreglass
  9. Redo the strapping.
  10. Do a PROPER cadpat stencil with the correct colours, or just go with a solid colour.
  11. Trick or treat.
  12. Pose my body cast and have an awesome statue.
  13. ???
  14. Profit
What a pr0 pattern- if you really want to repaint then I guess you could do giant canadian flag by painting vertically acreoos the armor and putting leaf on the chestpiece\

Anyway you slice it- you have some pretty cool pieces
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