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Thanks for understanding, guys. I'm going to be working on this throughout the course of the weekend, so I hope to have these to you by the end of it... :lindsey:
You may or may not find this useful but here ya go.
(sorry for the poor quality :( i lost the cable to my digital cam)



(just incase you are wondering i etched the lightning patterns and then went over it with UV Reactive Energy Blue Paint)
H.I., thanks for posting that. I have a few ideas now from looking at both Sean's and your build of the sword. Much appreciated.

I would've been here more lately if work hadn't been keeping me working rediculously long hours again *sigh*.

I just got back from a weekend out of town (which I seriously needed), and what with it being a long weekend here will try and finish up the last schematic I have available.

As for the one request I received so far regarding the HALO 2 SMGs, I still haven't been able to get started on drafting those, but whatever else that has been asked for should be done, scanned in and ready to e-mail by the end of this long weekend... ;)
Ah have not heard from you in this thread in a while, but like we've said before just take your time because from the way you sound it shows you work hard so we repect that and we're all jsut going to have to be patient.
Well, thanks. Still, I want to be able to get these out to everyone who wants them as soon as possible. Don't want to keep you guys waiting TOO long... lol
After you have all the designs and plans you should make a new thread tutorial on the designs that way your not flocked by pm's and they did with pepakura.<I want the ar design lol >

Also does any one have a 3d model we could put in pepakura for any of these weapons? Specifically the Pistol?
Well, the pistol is already available for download from the user submitted works section over at the Pepakura site.
Yes, thanks!

That definately helps others here, as although I have these 2-D schematics available, I'm afraid I don't have any 3-D renders of these to put in Pepakura.

So, I'm glad to see someone else was able to find something further in that respect to help out with this.

adreniline said:
Hows it coming so far though SPII?

Well, I've begun scanning in some of the weapons, and hope to have the rest of the schematics (M6D Pistol is all that's left) re-drafted and ready for scanning shortly.

Now, I don't know if anyone has realized this, but at the moment all I have available are the side profile schematics, no front/rear or top/bottom ones.

As such, whoever uses my schematics will have the overall length and height but will have to figure out the varying thickness of the different components that make up each prop.

Just an FYI on that, so everyone's aware. I guess I could draft the other profile views as well, but what with my tight schedule being what it is, I honestly don't know how long that would take.

Unfortunately, I don't have nearly as much free time as I used to for anything prop-related *sigh*. Hell, I'm still trying to get through all of these other ones so I can finally begin work on the SMG schematics as requested by a member here.

Anyway, there's an update on that for you, folks...

Spartan-118 said:
After you have all the designs and plans you should make a new thread tutorial on the designs that way your not flocked by pm's and they did with pepakura.<I want the ar design lol >


I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean. Post a new thread describing how I drafted the schematics (ie. what reference material was used, how I scaled each piece, etc.)? Or a new thread tutorial describing what my own steps would be to scratch-building one of these? :cautious:
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Alright, fellas! Managed to get my scanner working properly again for the most part (still the odd scanning glitch or two; stupid HP *mutter mutter*), and aside from the M6C Magnum which I'm putting the final touches on, all the other schematics I'd drafted are now scanned in and ready to go.

Sorry it took so long to get this ready for everyone, but work and things at and outside of home have been keeping me really busy.

Anyway, they were all scanned in at 8.5 by 11 inches (standard paper size), so they should print out at the correct scale. If you're not sure if they do print correctly, just refer to my first post in this thread for the length and height measurements I drafted these at.

So, everyone who voiced an interest in these please PM me with your e-mail addresses so I can send them your way. Also, if everyone could please reiterate which schematics they'd wanted, that would be greatly appreciated...
Wow... it's been, like... a year and a half thereabouts since I posted in this thread, lol.

Anyway, the purpose of my posting here is to let everyone know that (in light of the success/popularity of my more recent schematics) I'm thinking of revisiting these and updating them a bit, as well as draft the other views/angles for each of the HALO/HALO 2 weapons seen on the first page.

Which reminds me, I've got to fix that broken link for the Plasma Sword schematic, so people can actually see that one, lol.

Might even draft the HALO 3 equivalent to some of these (ie. AR). We'll have to wait and see.

I don't know exactly when it will be that I may get to these, as I'm still busy finishing up the SPNKr schematics for LeeKegan's next project (those kinda take priority with me, lol), but all the same wanted to give everyone the heads-up on this. So, expect to see some additions to this thread sometime in the near future :cool:

EDIT: I didn't realize I'd originally posted this in the "Molded Armor Discussion" forum (ah, noobish-ness; clearly I didn't know where to post this way back when). Could someone from the Admin/Mod group move this over to the "Weapons and Props" forum instead? I think that would be more appropriate, lol.

EDIT: Thanks to Sigma-LS for moving this to the appropriate forum.
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