a new member to my printer farm


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Well luck was in the air.

I was at frys to pick up some goods and a cafe drink.( best coffee shakes in town!)
A Friend who works for 3D systems walks by and stops by to chat .
He is busy as a BEE and needs to clean out his apt in town so he asked me if I wanted one of his printers.

So he gave me his Rostock V1 and the update kit to V2

Folks let me paint you a image here.
with this bad boy I can do shin in ONE part or a arm! . and maby a thigh!

15 INCH Z hight!
10 inch witth!

I can print a entire BR in One go as 2 parts side by side ! ONE GO......

Looks like I am gonna have some fun !

now its in good shape but the V2 upgrade kit does add quite some more qualty to the prints
I do have to take apart the old beast and update it but Mid Dec Ill have a new production machine !