A Simple Rocket Launcher

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I have a great idea for a RL. Take two cardboard tubes, equal size, from my mom's work (Carpet Store-Grandpa owns it). Then make a box for the box-thingy. Then, make the handles. (All out of cardboard!) Anything else? I plan on painting it the colors on the render below, and spray painting the "SPNKR" and stuff on to it. Will post pics, from beginning to end-think of it as a tutorial.
Great Idea!

Be sure to photgraph and document your progress here. If your tutorial for this comes along well, we'll add it to the ONI tutorial section.

Good luck and be sure to keep us updated on your progress!

Thanks! I plan on doing it over the weekend at my Grandma's house while my little brother is at his Oddyesey of the Mind states, so I should get it done (besides the painting) and I will take pictures, and e-mail them to my computer and upload them to make it a nice little tutorial.
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