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So I thought I'd test this Pep and Im hooked, its very fun. Anyway, I didnt have any card stock so i used some photo paper which is a little thicker than normal paper. All I have done is esemble this no extra work. Although i found the wrist hole to be a very tight fit even though I scaled it down to my height (thx Fry). Well, that was my first try and heres the results, I may do more of this again.
*Did it with the armor skin on*
SpArtan-270 said:
cool. How did you get the texture and details from the game onto the pepakura?

Fraz has it in the tutorial, page 5 I think.
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Besides geting my suit from link, I think this summer Ill do a pep suit and print the pattern on, will be a little costly but not a ton. then Ill look into some type of clear brush on hardener.
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