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Does anyone have a Pepakura model for the cameras seen in the cutscene in Cairo Station?

There's a pic in the top left, next to the Chief's head, and in the top right next to Johnson.

Please keep it legal, PDO files or fanmade only.
Anything in the cutscenes, is on the disc.
There are no separate models, or videos for the cutscenes, only more fancy lighting.
I'll have the scope posted shortly, already layed out and ready for printing
The camera is a little more complex, it'll be a bit before I'm done with it, but it'll also be ready to print when I am done

They'll be posted to the download database
I'm just editing my post to keep the thread clean, but I'm going to start posting a log of dates & changes

OK, both are up and ready to go; they've both been scaled and are print ready (letter)
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