About armor color...

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I was wondering if you guys think having a black/steel color spartan would be cool. I am thinking of starting a Pepakura MC outfit and I think making him black would really awsome. Maybe black with gold stripes or something for a SpecOps look.

Tell me what you think of the idea.
Sweet. I might start on the helmet tomorrow after getting some card with my friend. Any recommendations on the thickness of the card and/or types of glue/tape we should use to keep it together?
try to get the card as close to 300gs/m2 as possible (thats the ticknes of the card), and i would use a glue gun to hold the card together, its also a good idea to have a stanly knife to cut it out and somthing to score the folding lines :bard:
We will just have to see. I might make a creation topic soon with some questions about how to size, re-inforce, and paint my armor. Actually... Ill do that now. I am almost out of school and will have a free week to do some work on it.
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