Adam= Not a pro.

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EDIT: This is an example post: Just scroll down a little and you will understand.

I wish this post will help you, Adam from people who are spamming you with messages for being a pro costume designer.

I want to clear out all the facts of Adam being a professional armor maker as he himself has said it.

You guys should stop arguing that Adam is a professional since there are people who actually do the costumes for the "Halo Landfall" (if you dont know it search youtube or video for example.

That is what professional costume desining looks like.

This post is not supposed to make Adam look bad since i think he has made the coolest looking Mjolnir costume ever. And there hasnt been a Mjolnir armor introduced which would have been made by professional costume designers yet.

So i would go and say freely that Adam Has the best Mjolnir mark VI armor there is on the world.

In a way this post is a tribute to Adam.
Xavier said:
this is like 1/4 insult, 1/4 compliment, and 1/2 sensless

Im not trying to insult him. I Adore Adams Work and think its the best on the planet... Im just saying that as he himself has stated "Im not a pro" it probably means that he hasnt actually studied for this. (college etc.) im just trying to get people stop bugging Adam.
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It doesn't take a pro to make armor from a MC statue... but Adams contributions are great. His paint technique is unmistakable, and he's not to shabby of a sculptor either and he's responsible for this forum... which is saying an awful lot for one person.

The term 'costume pro' should be reserved for people working professionally in the costume industry... this is a garage business here at the 405th... very very few of us should be considered pro's

Kinda a pointless argument anyway... I don't see this going anywhere useful.. sorry.
if you can find one post where I said I was a professional, or even an experienced costume maker, I will be amazed.

Everyone knows my suit is a modified muckle statue, and the helmet is blue realms. i'm learning how to do it just like most of you are.

Pro = professional

as in, you do it for your profession. I certainly do not. You could call Sid a pro though.
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