advertising 405th...

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euro pholic

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i want to affiliate with 405... my group the 521st.
we want you affilates ( or i think the we're going to call it allies?)

if you have a banner?

please pm me admin..
i believe the banner is the thing on the top of the screen. also whats the 521st? maybe you should post a link
I dunno, the more we advertise, the more people will come in and want to build armor and be clueless. I had to find 405th the hard way by googling 500 different phrases until I saw this site.
your website isnt even done? just a Q how many members do you have? and why not just have them all join the 405th?
i have about 20 people who are going to join when everything is done.

and to anserthe question why not join 405th?
well we are going to have monthly meetings, and we cant fly to arkansas or w/e when a meeting comes..
and we are going to buy proporty maybey an old armoury or a hanger, maybey a cheap one. great place to work on projects and meet and practice :p
well first off your coming off as a braggity alpha player. like your strolling up in the best club in town asking if they wanna connect to your better club that isnt even done yet. for the record if you want to form a union you should be talking to the site admin Not the entire noob forum. and second off your gunna buy an old aircraft hanger with 20 random people specifically to build halo armor??
Sorry hun, but 405th > 521st.

I really hope your regiment gets out there and pounds some square, but... there's not really much you can hold up to at the moment. Come back with more members and a better site, and maybe we'll see.
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