All these events got me motivated to pull out the "let's build something" mojo from behind the couch. Let's do some prep work for a marine.

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Well, I got some filament that's nice and brittle from sitting in a drawer in Houston, and I need to cut all the costs with this next build.

Y'all know me, I do it on the cheap.

We are going to start this build off in typical Braus fashion by posting something slightly tangentially related to what I'm actually going to build.

Let's dry some filament.

Well, let's not. That idea was a non starter because of how the air flows in my dehydrator. It blows through the sides, not the middle.

I got a bone to pick with you nesco.


If at first you fail, apply some violence. These darn trays are in the way. Now, I know what y'all are thinking. Braus, don't do it. Your wife will kill you.


I made it this far in life by checking for replacement parts before I cut things y'all.


Perfect fit.


For PLA the drying temp should be about 40-45°C, which is great because my dehydrator has those numbers on it and I didn't have to convert anything.

If you have old spools that seem brittle and don't generally print well, consider giving them a dry before tossing them.

When I get things printing I'll post updates.
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