am i the only one to notice this?

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i was looking at this pic here :
and i noticed that all the spartans are carrying battle rifles. this game comes before halo 1 and halo 2 from what ive heard, and from what i see :p so, why did the UNSC use AR's instead of BR's during the halo 1 period? this makes very little sense, because if they stopped using br's to use AR's, why would they go back to BR's in halo 2? and then in halo 3 they have both? a little indecisiveness or a mistake by whoever is making halo wars ( i cant remember :p )
I also questioned why they had Battlerifles, but it might be because The Pillar of Autumn didn't have the Battlerifle when they fled Reach? Who cares, if it can kill the Covenant, its ok with me. :ha:
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To me, it doesn't matter. Ensemble probably didn't have someone working on story continuity just for the teaser trailer. I'm sure it will be fixed in the game.
Man, that poster is the shiz. Bungie could think of some devious way. Possibly something like, it was a critical mission and required the best equipment we had. Or something.
I have to say, I do like the thought of the Pillar of Autumn just not being stocked with BR's during its flee of Reach
Might just be a slip-up on their part. Not realizing it or something. But remember, it's only a Promo, and of course subject to change.
Well, considering both weapons show up in Halo 3 we can agree the weapons aren't mutually exclusive, so it has to be logistical.
Battle Rifles were given to the SPARTAN-IIs on Reach, along with the new Magnums. I believe SMGS were also. Ref: Fall of Reach
Well why would the Mark IV armors look like a cross between the Mark V and the Mark VI?

You would think they would look more like an older Mark V and have no relation to the Mark VI. It's like the armor builders couldn't make up their mind about how an older armor should look.
To be frank, I wouldn't worry about it. Just about everything in Halo is full of continuity errors and this is just one more minor one.
What happened is this:

When the Pillar of Autumn fled a burning Reach, they had just finished repairs on the ship, and had very little accommodations or weaponry. They had to resort to using their M6D Magnum Sidearm, a weapon more used in ceremony than combat (yet still kicked ass.)
The Spartans of Spartan Group Omega are using the Battle Riffle before the BR55 Battle Rife. which is why the BR55 was still officially under experimentation during the First battle of Earth.
Their armor is the MJOLNIR Mark IV armor. This isn't MJOLNIR Mark V that we're used to in Halo: Combat Evolved, nor is it anything new. John-117 and the rest of the Spartan II program were outfitted with MJOLNIR armor that had no shields, and no device to store the AI.
The armor was suited for combat against the Covenant, and deflected their plasma fire to a certain degree. It wasn't until later development, a day prior to the Fall of Reach, that the Mark V came into being, outfitted with minor adjustments, a storage device for "Smart" A.I., and a shielding unit modified from captured Covenant Technology.

Seeing as how the MJONLIR armor seen in Halo Wars is MJOLNIR Mark IV, Spartans might not be so overpowered on the battlefield. Though they will be an asset to battle, the lack of shields will be a major set back.
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