analyze this pic

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notice on the blue guys back the shottie,
tell me that does not look a little like the spas 12

also tell anything else you see different
This is kinda an old pic, I've seen lots of analysis of it.

On the horizon to the right you can see the auto turrets. Snowbound has no physical boundaries along that side. Basically when you step out of bounds, those turrets start firing on you as a kind reminder to get in-bounds.

You can also see the new effects of two grenades here. The blue explosion on the left is the new looking blast of the Plasma grenade, while the one on the right is the spike grenade. You can tell by the focused shrapnel radiating from the smaller blast.

Early released versions of this pic showed a faintly visible HUD message that some sloppy photoshopper at Bungie had left incomplete. You can't really see it on this image but on higher resolution versions of it you could clearly see "press X to ____" or something like that. I think Bungie intentionally left it there to antagonize people.

Snow enviromentals are nice, but here you can see that these images were taken before the footprints were implemented.

The thigh holster is clearly seen on the blue spartan in the foreground. In higher res versions you can see some new, slightly dimmer lights in the armor as well.

Theres lots of fire, but not much blood. In the Multiplayer Vidoc, there was a large increase in the amount of blood that sprays and splatters about when a players is shot or killed. Maybe Bungie was concealing that from us at the time this image was released.

Let me know if I missed anything...

Heres a new image I'd like to know more about.... I guess I will on Tuesday. :mrgreen:

Looks like there is a guy high in the air in the far end of the picture with a rocket launcher.

It also looks much higher than Halo 2.
Looks like a hybrid map of Zanzibar and/or Mombossa. Those stadium flood-lights give it the feeling as if that map shot is a "rumble arena" or some sort of closed-off showdown in a run-down destroyed factory or building. Obviously, there are taller buildings shading this map screenie from the sun (dusk or dawn), giving it that nice orangish-brown filter to the visualizations. Hmmmm.....
Chewdog316 said:
I was thinking THe Rock from Teamfortress.

Teamfortress Halo!!!

WOOO!!!!! I 325th that idea!!! Wait, wasn't I the one that said something about escort mode being like TFC. ;-) :mrgreen:
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Indeed you were. But that is only really one mode. Unless you can modify that mode. Im talking classes, maps, skills the whole shibang.
Chewdog316 said:
Indeed you were. But that is only really one mode. Unless you can modify that mode. Im talking classes, maps, skills the whole shibang.

Yes, now that would be pamp-tact-ticular. When Halo 2 was first announced and Bungie was talking about there being Covenant Wars in MP, people started (hoping) to come up with the ideas of having the different species on the Covenant side of the war (grunts, elites, hunters, jackals, etc etc). Each of them would have a specific class/actions to conform to; giving each specie their own unique abilities. I was hoping for that, but all we got was a Elite player model.
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The second picture is a halo 2 picture, of the maps to come out. It is supposed to be like Hang Em' High from h1, but with new looks, and the other map coming out will be like derelict from h1. So its not h3....
You know im kinda an idiot. Halo Wars is basically teamfortress evolved. I mean that is what battlefield essentially is teamfortress paved the way.
Um... yeah. But I didn't want to spoil your fun. :mrgreen:

Thats what I meant by finding out on Tuesday. Thats when the new maps come out.
All your shotties belong to us.
Or is it
I'm in your base stealing your rocket launcher!
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