And a very Merry Christmas to you

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Ladies and gentlemen of the 405th, I would like to personally address some changes I have seen in this community over the past year.

This community has never lacked "community" in the truest sense of the word. It has also never lacked the proper mentorship avenues that we are well know for. That said, I have seen nothing but that sense of community and mentorship grow during this era of uncertainty. More of our member have been hands on, and have taken leadership roles without being asked.

I don't say any of this as a regiment officer, I say this as PapaBraus.

These things are what I hold in my heart and mind every time we need to have a conversation with a new member regarding rules, or someone just simply having a bad day.

The level of care we have here is what makes us a family. The level of mentorship we have is what makes us a community. The level of motivation for the newer and older members alike is what makes us the 405th.

Fly your membership proud, and fly it high. Keep being the best members you can be and ALWAYS hold out that hand to pick someone up when they can't.

I am proud of every one of you, and what we can all accomplish as a whole.

Merry Christmas, and soon to be a happy new year.

I cannot wait to see what the 405th can do in 2022.

Make me proud ladies and gentlemen.

Finish the fight.
The 405th is like my second family, I have never felt so accepted and understood anywhere else like I have here. I owe you all in the community a heartfelt thank you, you guys make my world so much brighter than it was before- I just wish I became active way sooner in this community!

Thanks for having me and cheers to the many years to come with my amazing 405thers. ♡

Merry Christmas from Chazzizard
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