And yet another visor tinting

Ok I had this kid who is doing a matter chief helmet, but his mom has no where to paint it or air brush the visor. So I told her I would figure some thing out. She said she loves in a apt. So she can't paint or anything like that. So I was watching you tube on gears and gearing, it hit me what about GRAPHITE POWDER so I gave it a try the picture of the blue visor has 2 rubbons of the powder and man I think a few times and it will get dark. The pictures below are of two blue visor one treated and one not. I think this could be a good alternative for those who can't paint because they might live in a apt. Or the fumes would be too great. This might work for them.
And by the thanks to ramenNOodl3 for the visors the kids loved when I opened the box they just think they are so cool.
Dude that’s actually sick! Like I love this. You should definitely do commissions for people cause you’re pretty good at this!

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